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"Michal is a brilliant, diligent lawyer who partners well with the business. …she was a great thought partner in legal matters, always approachable and agile. A great problem solver and adviser in an ever changing environment. …. I really enjoyed working with Michal."

- M.S., Managing Director

"Michal was always quick to grasp the salient commercial issues that I was dealing with and fastidiously protected the firm and client interests, anticipating risks and raising relevant legal issues. She also demonstrated her ability to think strategically and evaluate different potential scenarios. I would highly recommend Michal. She is commercially minded, thorough and understands the value of implementing best practice in terms of processes, management and corporate governance. It was a pleasure working with Michal."

- G.N., Senior Director-Investment Banking 

"She is a fantastic attorney.. tackling not only litigation matters but also corporate, governance, finance, and human resources matters. Her poise and demeanor give support to her wisdom, which is clearly beyond her years… Michal now continues to act as my legal consultant and represent me, my family and my company in a range of matters. I wouldn't think of hiring a different attorney for my most sensitive needs."

- C.A., CEO

"It is my privilege to recommend Michal Dahan as an outstanding lawyer who consistently exceeds expectations. …. Michal is an exceptional lawyer who quickly grasps key concepts across a broad spectrum of specialties. She is extraordinarily detail-oriented project manager, a quick learner adept at working on a variety of cross-border regulatory issues, and well-versed on Human Resources issues and regulations in the US. Michal is a gifted writer, speaker, and negotiator who has been a real business partner to the firm. Equally important and much appreciated, Michal consistently maintains a calm, professional demeanor in both day-to-day interactions and in high pressure situations."

- B.A., COO

(emphasis added throughout) 

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