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Dedicated to serving its clients ongoing legal needs, Dahan Advisory works to develop a close working relationship with each client's management. At Dahan Advisory we cultivate a practice of taking the time to understand not only your legal needs but also your short and long term business goals. Our collaboration ensures that Dahan Advisory is well positioned to handle every individual client's day to day legal matters in a most timely and efficient manner.


This unique relationship-driven nature of the practice enables Dahan Advisory to act as an in-house general counsel would while being your trusted problem-solver and legal strategist.


Dahan Advisory offers a broad range of general counsel services designed to effectively manage the many legal issues that a business may encounter during setup or as an operating and growing entity. With years of experience providing legal services in the areas of contract negotiation, drafting and review; corporate governance; risk management and compliance; development of corporate policies; litigation research and management; employment and trademarks; and dispute resolution, Dahan Advisory is ready to draw upon its accumulated expertise to tailor its counsel to each client's particular needs.




In today's multi-disciplinary world having professional legal counsel on all corporate matters is essential to success. 


Dahan Advisory brings years of proven experience to inform and advise its clients' corporate transactionsWe offer strategic legal and business insight into your transactional business issues.  Whether you are in need of agreement negotiation, navigation of shareholder and director rights, financing and loan transactions, advice regarding securities, regulatory matters, FINRA and more, you are invited to reach out to Dahan Advisory.

When entering into corporate transactions at all stages of your business from entity formation and structuring to sale, transfer or dissolution of legal entities, Dahan Advisory works closely with its clients to ensure the best possible legal outcome. ​

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